'two of us'
Felix Treadwell

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i took this at like 5am ; 0 ;

1. Don’t let your world crumble when he won’t text back ‘I love you’ anymore.

2. Even though you’re going to feel empty without him calling or texting you back at 3 in the morning.

3. Your skin is going to feel like its burning from the memory of his touch, your hand will feel cold from the lingering feeling of his fingers entwined with yours, your chest is going to ache, especially during cold nights when you find yourself hunting through your sheets and he’s not there.

4. Your bones will feel like they’re shattering as you go through photos, trying to hold yourself together, telling yourself “the past is in the past”.

5. Your arms are going to ache, reaching out for something that doesn’t exist anymore.

6. You’ll feel like you’re swallowing glass with every step you take, every memory you remember; you won’t be able to sleep peacefully for a while without him haunting your dreams at night and your mind during the day. You’ll feel like dying, and you’ll wish it could all just stop.

7. But remember you were fine before him, you’ll be fine after him.

So, it’s going to be ok.

Half of the girls working at Topshop aren’t really friendly at all, I’m not surprised if the only thing they know to say is “so how’d it go” and that’s it. I was trying to have a talk to one of them today about the fitting of a skirt and she just looked at me without replying. Idk it’s kind of disappointing having people like that working in the fashion industry. Where did all that passion go.

She was pretty in the kind of way that said she’d run a dagger through your heart and still keep smiling the whole time.
Richelle Mead, Silver Shadows  (via erfisperf)


no offense but what the fuck am i doing